Are you ready to Celebrate your Gifts?

Look in the mirror? What do you see? We see an amazing young lady with unique gifts, strengths, and abilities.

We’d like to invite you to join us on a wonderful quest based on the book series The Legends of Greywinds to find the seven keys that will unlock your gifts and show you more ways than you can imagine to let them flow freely.

What is a quest? It’s an adventure. On this quest you will participate in a series of fun activities. Each activity lets you earn one of the seven keys outlined below. To earn them, you’ll work either by yourself or in groups. Here are the seven key activities:


Discover your own personal power. Explore the combination of gifts, strengths, and talents that make you uniquely you. Have fun learning how your gifts are making a real difference to those you love.


Trust is all about using your gifts and talents and relying on others to do the same. In this creative activity you will work on your own and with your team to create a new zoo animal and encourage the zookeeper to put her in the zoo.


Have you ever done an Escape Room? Our room lets you use your gifts and talents to help your team solve clues and riddles. Each puzzle will take you closer to finding the key to exit the room.


It can sometimes be difficult to believe you are special. In this “Love” activity focused on being kind yourself, you’ll have an opportunity to express yourself through dance and demonstrations using your newly-discovered gifts, talents, and strengths.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut or a scientist? Do you wonder if some day you might be a pilot or a veterinarian? During lunch on Saturday, you’ll have the chance to meet and hear from women in a variety of careers. Which one might be in your future?


Accomplishing big goals usually takes help from those around us. Are you ready to use your skills and strengths to help your team succeed? Don’t be surprised if you find out your strengths are just what your team needs to come out on top!


Do you put all your effort into the things you really want? As you create your very own Vision Board you’ll have a chance to explore your vision for your future and create a beautiful reminder of the path you want to travel.

Open to girls 8 - 12 years old.

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