Why Celebrate My Gifts

Have you ever heard your daughter say, “It’s different now than when you were a kid?” And they’re right. Teens and tweens today face different challenges than you did when you were their age. A study from the National Institute of Heath found that media portrayals of body image and the “ideal” life create unrealistic expectations for teenagers, disrupting their “normal identity development” and can lead to feelings of low self-esteem.

Teens and tweens with a strong sense of self worth feel competent to cope with the basic challenges of life and feel worthy of success and happiness. Based on the books written by Annie Morecambe, The Legend of Greywinds, Celebrate My Gifts is an adventure that allows girls ages 8 – 12 to experience their own quest, explore their unique gifts, identify their strengths, and recognize the power they possess to create the lives they desire.

The girls participate in a series of activities that allow them to earn keys as they work individually and in groups. Each key is a critical component in the development of individual self esteem and appreciation of the gifts of others. As they work to earn the seven keys over the course of this 1 1/2 day program, they will:

  • Awaken to the realization that they can allow their gifts and talents to flow freely,
  • Recognize that accepting someone else’s help and expertise can and will enhance their own abilities,
  • Encourage them to allow others to be who they are, and
  • Learn to work together and to work alone.

We hope you will encourage your daughter(s) to attend and join in the fun as they discover the keys of Joy, Trust, Balance, Love, Honor, Conviction, and Change. Plus…all girls attending will have the chance to complete an Animal Strength assessment to learn more about their particular strengths.